Cool Relief Gel Patches

Cool Relief instant cold patches are a superior First Aid item. For use with sprains, strains, body-overheating, sunburn and minor burns. It will cool consistently for 2-4 hours and can reduce the body temperature down to approximately 25-27 degrees Celsius. NO FREEZING NEEDED 

Cool Relief contains six patches 14cm x 10cm, designed specifically for active lifestyles. Cool Relief is a gentle compression and cooling patch that lowers the body temperature quickly without causing frostbite or cramping. Simply peel the patch back and apply to the affected area for at least two hours of cool relief.

Cool Relief Patches are easy to use and store. The airtight zip-lock packaging ensures that they stay fresh, with no loss of potency overtime. Further more, they do not need refrigeration since the cooling effect produced by the patch on the skin, so they can be stored almost anywhere.

Directions for Use: Simply peel the backing off and place the patch on the affected area. The patch will reduce local skin temperature to about 25 degrees Celsius for at least 2 hours. At this temperature, swelling and bruising is successfully inhibited without the negative effects of ice.

The cooling reaction is powered by your body heat and the interaction of the ingredients in the gel on the back of the patches. The patch itself is made from hi-tech synthetic fibre that allows air and water vapour to pass through it. Patches can be applied whole or they can be cut to size for specific applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Cool Relief Patches be applied to cuts and open wounds?

The menthol in Cool Relief may sting if it comes in contact with an open wound, it should therefore not be placed directly over broken skin. Instead just place the patch next to the affected area and the patch will cool a wide area beneath the skin. Can cool Relief Patches be cut to size? Yes! Cool Relief Patches are designed for you to cut and custom fit to the affected area. Actually, half a patch is often sufficient for most applications.

Is There any danger of an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction to Cool Relief is very unlikely. The pack clearly states all of the ingredients, and what to watch out for so check it carefully first if you have any doubts.

Can I use Cool Relief while I am pregnant?

Yes! Cool Relief patches are natural and do not transfer any substances into your body, so they will not affect your pregnancy. They’ll make you feel a lot better though!

Cool Relief Patches should not be applied directly to the eye!

Cool Relief Patches contain menthol and give off a small amount of menthol vapour which may irritate the eyes therefore it is not advisable to place the patches directly over the eye.