Servicing Your First Aid Kits

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2011 require an employer to provide adequate first aid equipment and facilities. This includes first aid kits, which should be clearly marked and the contents maintained and replaced or added to as necessary. Failure to do so can attract a fine of $6000 in the case of an individual and $30,000 in the case of a body corporate.

We help keep you Safe and Work Cover Compliant

  • We check your first aid kits.
  • We replenish missing stock.
  • We sign the affixed compliance sticker on your first aid kit each visit.
  • We provide ongoing support and reminders for when your next service is due.
For your convenience, we visit you onsite and restock your First Aid Kits from $49. Discount servicing plans are available depending on number of First Aid Kits you require servicing.